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How to update cordova-plugin-device in my meteor project?

When i run my meteor project, i have this Warning:

WARNING: Attempting to install plugin cordova-plugin-device@0.3.0, but
it should have a minimum version of 1.1.1 to ensure compatibility with
the current platform versions. Installing the minimum
version for convenience, but you should adjust your dependencies.

And then, I have this error:

I20160401-19:50:43.017(2)? E/MeteorWebApp(19633):
com.meteor.webapp.WebAppException: Skipping downloading new version
because the Cordova platform version or plugin versions have changed
and are potentially incompatible

How to update cordova-plugin-device plugin ?

Answer Source

In Meteor project folder .meteor create a file cordova-plugins and insert the line cordova-plugin-device@1.1.1... meteor will rebuild with that version

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