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Easy way to parse a url in C++ cross platform?

I need to parse a URL to get the protocol, host, path, and query in an application I am writing in C++. The application is intended to be cross-platform. I'm surprised I can't find anything that does this in the boost or POCO libraries. Is it somewhere obvious I'm not looking? Any suggestions on appropriate open source libs? Or is this something I just have to do my self? It's not super complicated but it seems like such a common task I am surprised there isn't a common solution.

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There is a library that's proposed for Boost inclusion and allows you to parse HTTP URI's easily. It uses Boost.Spirit and is also released under the Boost Software License. The library is cpp-netlib which you can find the documentation for at -- you can download the latest release from .

The relevant type you'll want to use is boost::network::http::uri and is documented here.

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