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Going through a text file line by line in C

I have been working on a small exercise for my CIS class and am very confused by the methods C uses to read from a file. All that I really need to do is read through a file line by line and use the information gathered from each line to do a few manipulations. I tried using the getline method and others with no luck.
My code is currently as follows:

int main(char *argc, char* argv[]){
const char *filename = argv[0];
FILE *file = fopen(filename, "r");
char *line = NULL;

sscanf(line, filename, "%s");
printf("%s\n", line);
return 1;

Right now I am getting a seg fault with the sscanf method and I am not sure why. I am a total C noob and just wondering if there was some big picture thing that I was missing.

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So many problems in so few lines. I probably forget some:

  • argv[0] is the program name, not the first argument;
  • if you want to read in a variable, you have to allocate its memory
  • one never loops on feof, one loops on an IO function until it fails, feof then serves to determinate the reason of failure,
  • sscanf is there to parse a line, if you want to parse a file, use fscanf,
  • "%s" will stop at the first space as a format for the ?scanf family
  • to read a line, the standard function is fgets,
  • returning 1 from main means failure


#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    char const* const fileName = argv[1]; /* should check that argc > 1 */
    FILE* file = fopen(fileName, "r"); /* should check the result */
    char line[256];

    while (fgets(line, sizeof(line), file)) {
        /* note that fgets don't strip the terminating \n, checking its
           presence would allow to handle lines longer that sizeof(line) */
        printf("%s", line); 
    /* may check feof here to make a difference between eof and io failure -- network
       timeout for instance */


    return 0;
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