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Django models: default value for column

I have following

model code:

status = models.PositiveIntegerField(default = 0b000)
comments_allowed = models.BooleanField(default = True) # whether comments are allowed to this post

But I expected, it would generate SQL like

`status` integer NOT NULL default '4',
`comments_allowed` bool NOT NULL default TRUE

Which is not happening and when I run sqlall appname
it produces:

`status` integer UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
`comments_allowed` bool NOT NULL

Delving into
's code and googling gave me nothing, but James Bennet's comment that
is not assumed to affect generating
, but needed for Django admin. Even if so, how do I get desired effect?

version is 1.3.0 final

Answer Source

Note that the default parameter can also take a callable object: That is certainly a behavior that cannot be reproduced in SQL! So it would not be possible for Django to generate SQL for every possible case. It looks like for the sake of simplicity and consistency they have chosen not to generate SQL for any case.

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