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ASP.NET (C#) Question

upload youtube video without youtube api

How can we upload video to Youtube without using its api in
My requirement is that user uploads video to our site and after admin approval that video is uploaded to Youtube. I'm using ASP.NET

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Jason I'm using this code:

  Dim request As YouTubeRequest
    Dim newVideo As New Video()

    newVideo.Title = "My Test Movie"
    newVideo.Tags.Add(New MediaCategory("Autos", YouTubeNameTable.CategorySchema))
    newVideo.Keywords = "cars, funny"
    newVideo.Description = "My description"
    newVideo.YouTubeEntry.Private = False
    newVideo.Tags.Add(New MediaCategory("mydevtag, anotherdevtag", YouTubeNameTable.DeveloperTagSchema))

    newVideo.YouTubeEntry.Location = New GeoRssWhere(37, -122)

    newVideo.YouTubeEntry.MediaSource = New MediaFileSource("c:\\flame.avi", "video/quicktime")
    Dim createdVideo As Video = request.Upload(newVideo)

But where to specify Youtube credentials and key?

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