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Best way to render boolean data columns in jquery

I am using the data grid with jquery and bootstrap. I have a large chunk of JSON data with some boolean columns in it and would like to render a datatables column as a checked or unchecked checkbox (all with bootstrap styling of course). What is the easiest/fastest was to do this?

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I answered my own question :-) it's actually very simple:

var simple_checkbox = function ( data, type, full, meta ) {
    var is_checked = data == true ? "checked" : "";
    return '<input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" ' +
        is_checked + ' />';

var setup_datatable = function () {
        "columns": [
            { "data": "id", "className": "text-center"},
            { "data": "keywords"},
            { "data": "platform"},
            { "data": "is_active", "render": simple_checkbox},
            { "data": "is_terminated", "render": simple_checkbox}
        "ajax": "/data"
    }); // DataTable

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