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Javascript Question

"Some JS files act more like libraries - they [...] never manipulate QML component instances directly" - middle ground?

Quote from Defining JavaScript Resources In QML:

Some JavaScript files act more like libraries - they provide a set of helper functions that take input and compute output, but never manipulate QML component instances directly.

What if I want a JS file that both:

  • manipulates QML component instances (that are passed to it as arguments)

  • doesn't get a copy of its code and data stored for every QML component instance that imports it?

I could get the "no data stored on every instance" part by, well, not putting global variables in the JS file. But, for some strange reason, a copy of the "code" part seems to be stored for every instance as well. I don't get why this is but I want to know whether I can circumvent it, and at what cost.

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I think that the line you quoted from the documentation is incorrect, or at least very poorly worded; you can still have a JS file with .pragma library in it and manipulate QML objects that are passed in as arguments to its functions. The sentence was probably referring to the previous section.