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Sequelize - update record, and return result

I am using sequelize with MySQL. For example if I do:

models.People.update({OwnerId: peopleInfo.newuser},
{where: {id: peopleInfo.scenario.id}})
.then(function (result) {

}).catch(function (err) {
request.server.log(['error'], err.stack);

I am not getting information back if the people model was succesfully updated or not. Variable result is just an array with one element, 0=1

How can I know for certain that the record was updated or not.

Answer Source

Here's what I think you're looking for.

  user: data.username,
  chatroomID: data.chatroomID
}, {
  where: { socketID: socket.id },
  returning: true,
  plain: true
.then(function (result) {
  // result = [x] or [x, y]
  // [x] if you're not using Postgres
  // [x, y] if you are using Postgres

From Sequelize docs: The promise returns an array with one or two elements. The first element is always the number of affected rows, while the second element is the actual affected rows (only supported in postgres with options.returning true.)

Assuming you are using Postgres, you can access the updated object with result[1].dataValues.

You must set returning: true option to tell Sequelize to return the object. And plain: true is just to return the object itself and not the other messy meta data that might not be useful.

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