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Python Question

Can't get Python to import from a different folder

I can't seem to get Python to import a module in a subfolder. I get the error when I try to create an instance of the class from the imported module, but the import itself succeeds. Here is my directory structure:


Here's the contents of server.py:

from sys import path
from os import getcwd
path.append(getcwd() + "\\models") #Yes, i'm on windows
print path
import user

u=user.User() #error on this line

And user.py:

class User(Entity):

username = Field(String(15))
password = Field(String(64))
email = Field(String(50))
status = Field(Integer)
created = Field(DateTime)

The error is:
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'User'

Answer Source

I believe you need to create a file called __init__.py in the Models directory so that python treats it as a module.

Then you can do:

from Models.user import User

You can include code in the __init__.py (for instance initialization code that a few different classes need) or leave it blank. But it must be there.

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