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How to save int in SharedPreferences c# when app is going to be closed?

I want to save number of clicks in SharedPreferences in moment when app going closed. Now I have function for that connected with one button

private void SaveClicks (){
var prefs = Application.Context.GetSharedPreferences("Name",FileCreationMode.Private);
var prefEditor = prefs.Edit();
prefEditor.PutInt("Key", nametest);


"clicks" is name of int where I storage numbers of clicks in one of buttons

In what way I can do it automatically when app is going closed? Using onDestroy will be good solution?

So I write that code:

protected override void OnDestroy()
var prefs = Application.Context.GetSharedPreferences("Name", FileCreationMode.Private); // 1
var prefEditor = prefs.Edit(); // 2
prefEditor.PutInt("Key", nametest); // 3
prefEditor.Apply(); // 4


And for counting clicks I have something like that

var prefs = Application.Context.GetSharedPreferences("Name", FileCreationMode.Private); // 1
var value1 = prefs.GetInt("key", 0);
if (clicks + value1 <= 499)
textViewBattlepackCount.Text = (clicks + value1).ToString() + " clicks!";
progressBarName1.Progress = progressBarName1.Progress + 1;
nametest= clicks + value1;

if (clicks + value1 == 500)
AlertDialog.Builder alertDialog = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
alertDialog.SetTitle("You won!");
alertDialog.SetNeutralButton("Ok", delegate



clicks = 0;
nametest= 0;

textViewTXTCount.Text = "0";
progressBarName1.Progress = progressBarName1.Progress = 0;


But the clicks in onDestroy() are storage only sometimes, one time there is correct number but another time after kill activity and restart app there is old number of clicks. I dont know why.
Sorry for chaotic description

Answer Source

It depends your requirement:

  1. If u just want to store the numbers of click when the activity be killed. Using OnDestory()

  2. If u want to store the numbers of click when the activity is in the background(e.g. you press the home button or another activity started), please using onPause();

  3. onSaveInstanceState() can also be invoked before the activity destroyed, it can restore some temporary data (e.g. the text in EditText).

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