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JSON Question

How to turn json to case class when case class has only one field

In play 2.1 reads are used to marshall Json to objects. But how can I do this when the case class has only one field. The ideom that works for more fields does not work, as with one field 'and' is not used. Thus I do not get a FunctionBuilder.

The following code gives me a type mismatch. How can I fix this?

case class Data(stamm: Seq[String])

implicit val dataReads = (
(__ \ "stamm").read(Reads.list[String])


Json combinators doesn't work for single field case class.

Pascal (writer of this API) has explained this situation here!starred/play-framework/hGrveOkbJ6U

There are some workarounds which works, like this one:

case class A(value: List[Int])
val areads = (__ \ 'value).read[List[Int]].map{ l => A(l) } // covariant map