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using localDB with Cordova(Visual Studio 2015)

I'm developing a cross-platform mobile app using Cordova (Visual Studio 2015)
For the database, I've created a LocalDB using Visual Studio features.
Now, I want to connect to that LocalDB and store data to it, and then select it. While researching through the Internet I did not find how to do this, anyone could help??

the image below shows my local DB
enter image description here

Thanks in advance

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There are several ways listed below to use the database in visual studio. You need to write a Web Service for that in .NET

  1. Asmx service - simple to build
  2. WCF service - involves more configuration, but very secured.
  3. Asp.Net Web Api - light weight web services for http protocol.

Here is a step by step approach to create a ASMX service

For all these services you either use Entity Framework or ADO.NET for CRUD operations.

I would advise to go with asmx service using ADO.NET if your new to .NET.

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