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Bitcode and dylib

I am trying to compile a C library to use it in my iOS project, and I want to embed bitcode.

I can successfully build static libraries targeting each arch. And those static library do contain bitcode (checked using otool), but the dynamic library doesn't contain bitcode. Why? Is bitcode not supported in dylib?

The library I am trying to build is xz. Here is the script


if [ $ARCH == "i386" ] || [ $ARCH == "x86_64" ];
SDKROOT="$(xcodebuild -version -sdk iphonesimulator | grep -E '^Path' | sed 's/Path: //')"
SDKROOT="$(xcodebuild -version -sdk iphoneos | grep -E '^Path' | sed 's/Path: //')"

export CC="$(xcrun -sdk iphoneos -find clang)"
export CFLAGS="-fembed-bitcode -isysroot $SDKROOT -arch ${ARCH} -miphoneos-version-min=9.0"
export LDFLAGS="-arch ${ARCH} -isysroot $SDKROOT"

if [ $ARCH == "i386" ] || [ $ARCH == "x86_64" ];
./configure --prefix=$XZPATH/build/iOS/$ARCH --host=i686-apple-darwin11 --disable-static --enable-shared
./configure --prefix=$XZPATH/build/iOS/$ARCH --host=arm-apple-darwin --disable-static --enable-shared

make && make install && make clean
build_iOS i386
build_iOS x86_64
build_iOS armv7
build_iOS armv7s
build_iOS arm64


Answer Source

It looks like I cannot add bitcode to dylibs. I tried building several dylibs, then use otool -l path_to_dylib | grep bitcode to test if they contain any bitcode, all got nothing.

More evidence:

  • in Xcode(7.3.1), macOS (previously called OS X) targets don't have enable bitcode option in build settings
  • in the bitcode section of App Thinning, Apple didn't mentioned bitcode on macOS. Plus, App Thinning is only available on iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

I currently don't know why macOS apps don't have enable bitcode option in build setting. Maybe it's because Mac App store is not the only way for distributing mac apps? And people might copy one mac app from one mac app to another using USB sticks?

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