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Git Question

What is git checking through while cloning svn repo?

Here is a short manual on rewriting SVN repo to git. After executing the this command:

git svn clone --stdlayout --no-metadata --authors-file=users.txt svn://hostname/path dest-dir

the following messages can be seen in console:

This may take a while on large repositories
Checked through r89900

What is git checking through exactly? Is it possible to count it somehow?

Answer Source

Git is fetching your data from subversion repository.

"Checked through rXXXXX" - rXXXXX are actual subversion revision numbers. You can compare the svn logs against git logs.

Also these revision numbers are mapped to Git's sha-1 commits.

    git checkout remotes/<Remote Name>
    git svn log --show-commit --oneline

    r50 | 77c9acf | "SVN Commit message"
    r1 | 84e6c49 | "SVN Commit message"

You cannot count, but git displays the current revision it is going through. It goes till the Head revision of your SVN repository. Which means from the example you mentioned it should count till the revision you specified, well the current revision for your example is 1768893.

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