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SQL Question

How to join 3 tables in SQL Server?

I have 3 tables :

  1. Transaction (ID_Transcation)

  2. Transaction Detail (ID_Transaction_Detail, ID_Transaction, ID_Services)

  3. Services (ID_Services, Name)

I want to get only the name of the services, based on the
in the

The table and output that I want:

enter image description here

Code I tried:

Select se.Name
from Transactions as td, Services as se
where td.ID_Transaction = 'TRA1'

But the output is displaying all the name from service table

Answer Source
select c.name 
from Transaction as a
inner join Detail as b
on a.ID_Transaction = b.ID_Transaction
inner join Services as c
on b.id_services = c.id_services;
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