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Swift 3 Value of type 'Any?' has no member 'object'

I have updated swift 3 and I found many errors. This is one of them :

Value of type 'Any?' has no member 'object'

This is my code : "",
parameters: nil,
success: { (operation: AFHTTPRequestOperation?,responseObject: Any?) in
if(((responseObject? as AnyObject).object(forKey: "meta") as AnyObject).object(forKey: "status")?.intValue == 200 && responseObject?.object(forKey: "total_data")?.intValue > 0){
let aa: Any? = (responseObject? as AnyObject).object(forKey: "response") = (aa as AnyObject).mutableCopy()

New Error Update :

Optional chain has no effect, expression already produces 'Any?'


Cannot call value of non-function type 'Any?!'

It works well in previous version 7.3.1 swift 2.

This is json response :


Answer Source

Unlike Swift 2, Swift 3 imports Objective-C's id as Any? instead of AnyObject? (see this Swift evolution proposal). To fix your error, you need to cast all of your variables to AnyObject. This may look something like the following:"", parameters: nil) { (operation: AFHTTPRequestOperation?, responseObject: Any?) in
    let response = responseObject as AnyObject?
    let meta = response?.object(forKey: "meta") as AnyObject?
    let status = meta?.object(forKey: "status") as AnyObject?
    let totalData = response?.object(forKey: "total_data") as AnyObject?
    if status?.intValue == 200 && totalData?.intValue != 0 {
        let aa = response?.object(forKey: "response") as AnyObject? = aa?.mutableCopy() 
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