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CSS Question

Displaying elements inline with HTML?

I am trying to create a web application and in it I want these two fields to display inline(check the Image below). Now the BugID is an

element and the Description is a
. Currently I have this:

<div class="some">
<h3 id="title1">Bug ID:<span class="required">*</span></h3>
<h3 id="title">Enter Description:<span class="required">*</span></h3>
<div class="inputs">
<input size="8" maxlength="8" name="BugID" type="text" id="BugID" placeholder="Bug ID" style="width:100px" />
<textarea rows="5" id="Summary" name="summary" placeholder="Please Enter a Summary of the Bug" ></textarea>

And the CSS:

.inputs input, textarea{

Is this wrong? How should I be doing this?

Current Implementation

wwv wwv
Answer Source

Is this what you want?

   .inputs input, textarea{

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