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Javascript Question

Javascript to parse different parts of a specific string

I'm trying to convert my Wordpress site to be entirely front-end, REST API driven. I'm getting rid of all of my php and pretty much using Wordpress as a CMS with no php requests. I have a lot of code that Wordpress was parsing for me, but I'll need to handle myself now.

I need to be able to split this into its parts: [my_social artist = "blink-182" facebook = "" soundcloud = "" spotify = ""]

I'd eventually like the output to be something like:

tag: "my_social",
artist: "blink-182",
facebook: "",
soundcloud: "",
spotify: ""

I tried my hands at a regex, but wasn't too sure how to repeat any non-specific key-value groups. Any help?

Answer Source

You can use this regex to capture the content you want:


Working demo

And then you can create a new string using the captured content with:


And also concatenate the string:

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