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Rails, use a form field to set something on the user registration (devise)

I would really like to add a form field "invite_code" to the user sign up form, but I don't know how to add the invite_code to the controller so that the application knows how to look for it?

The form in the sign up on the template would read:

<% form_for do |f| %>
<span>Email:</span> <% %><br>
<span>Name:</span> <% %><br>
<span>Invite Code:</span> <% f.invite_code %><br>
<% end %>

The "invite_code" isn't part of the database or anything, but in the user registration model, I want to put a:

before_save :invite_promo
def invite_promo
if @invite_code.present? && @invite_code == "special_person"
self.special_key = true

Is there an easy way to look for form fields in the template using the model or controller?

So sorry...I'm new to Rails. Thank you so much in advance!

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Answer Source

You need to define a virtual attribute invite_code in User model:

attr_accessor :invite_code

Your form should look as follows:

<%= form_for do |f| %>
   <span>Email:</span> <%= f.email_field :email %><br>
   <span>Name:</span> <%= f.text_field :name %><br>
   <span>Invite Code:</span> <%= f.text_field :invite_code %><br>
<% end %>
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