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C++ Question

Pass multiple strings to the string::find function

Is it possible to somehow pass multiple strings to the string::find function?

For example, to find a string I might use this:

str.find("a string");

What I'd like to do is something like this:

str.find("a string" || "another string" || "yet another string")

And have the function return the position of the first occurrence of any of the three strings.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Answer Source

Not with std::string::find, but you could use std::find_if from <algorithm>:

std::string str("a string");
std::array<std::string, 3> a{"a string", "another string", "yet another string"};
auto it = std::find_if(begin(a), end(a),
                       [&](const std::string& s)
                       {return str.find(s) != std::string::npos; });
if (it != end(a))
    std::cout << "found";
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