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How to make a href act as a submit form

So I have a

a href
setup as a simple form submit, but I wanted to use it as the same type of method as a submit on a form.

So the way I have it setup is:

<!-- HTML -->
<a onclick="subForm('login');" style="cursor: pointer;"> login </a>

// JavaScript
function subForm(el) {
var elem = document.getElementById(el);

Now when I click on that link it does act as if I have clicked submit on a form, I can set up a
input type=hidden
for the form so I can see it in PHP but..

I needed for this login system to not be empty and didn't want to use the older method with
if empty
then display an error after processed, so I wanted the submit button to be able to do the same as clicking submit on a form when one of the inputs are set to
in their markup tag..

Answer Source

Your code should work assuming that that

<a onclick="subForm('login');" style="cursor: pointor;"> login </a>

is inside a form that has an id of 'login';

A couple of things you might want to know is that cursor:pointor is wrong, it should be cursor:pointer. However, if you change your code slightly then you won't need the inline style anyway. Something like this would be a good improvement in my opinion. I've not tested it but it should work:

<form id="login" action="/wherever/you/want/this/form/to/post/to" method="post">
    <a id="js-submit-form" href=""> login </a>

    var formToSubmit = document.getDocumentById('login'),
    button = document.getElementById('js-submit-form'),
    submitForm = function(e) {
        e.preventDefault(); // this will stop the browser trying to use the href value



I've just read the rest of your question but I don't actually understand what you're asking. Why wouldn't you just use the 'required' tag and some server-side validation?

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