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Clean way to re-route user that isn't logged in with React?

I guess I could always add login in

which would do a call to the store via Redux to verify that the user is logged in but this seems a bit hacky, especially since since I have to add
logic to every single component.

Anyone have any better ideas? I'm going to work toward wiring something into
with the

This is the root root of the application which performs the react-router wire-up.

react-router : 2.0.4

react: 15.0.2

const store = configureStore();

function isAuthorized() {


<Provider store={store}>
<Router history={browserHistory}>

<Route path="/" component={Application} onEnter={isAuthorized}>
<IndexRoute component={DashboardPage} />
<Route path="login" component={LoginPage} />
<Route path="dashboard" component={DashboardPage} />
<Route path="items" component={DashboardPage} />
<Route path="item-categories" component={DashboardPage} />
<Route path="modifiers" component={DashboardPage} />
<Route path="taxes" component={DashboardPage} />
<Route path="discounts" component={DashboardPage} />
<Route path="orders" component={DashboardPage} />
<Route path="users" component={DashboardPage} />

Note that the example in auth-flow utilizes
to persist userAccess tokens, etc. I really don't want to use
or cookies at this time. I want to minimize the complexity and store the login state in the store(state.user). I don't specifically want to go into the reason for this other than to say that there is a large amount of information that comes the authentication step that needs to be persisted to the store.

Answer Source

You can try doing something like

  onEnter={ (nextState, replace) => { isAuthorized(nextState, replace, store) } } >

And in your isAuthorized function

function isAuthorized( nextState, replace, store ) {
  // Now you have access to the store, you can
  const state = store.getState();

  // your logic to validate whether the user is logged in or not
  if ( state.user && state.user.loggedIn === true ) {
    // this user is authenticated
    // continue..
  else {
    // unauthenticated user, redirect the user to login page
      pathname: '/login',
      state: { nextPathname: nextState.location.pathname }


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