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Laravel "No scheduled commands are ready to run."

I've set up the following Laravel commands:

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule) {

Then, on my server, I've set up a cron job to run once per day (at 00:00).

0 0 * * * php /home/privates/public_html/staging/current/artisan schedule:run

My cron job is running successfully each night, but the logs simply say: "No scheduled commands are ready to run."

What am I doing wrong? I would expect my
command to run each night.


Answer Source

Did you try running command manuallay?

Run php artisan and see if your commands have registered.

If you have registered your commands you should see command:daily-reset and command:monthly-reset under the list of available artisan commands.

If you don't see them there go ahead and register your commands by adding it to commands property available in app/Console/Kernel.php.

protected $commands = [

Change crontab entry to

* * * * * php /home/privates/public_html/staging/current/artisan schedule:run

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