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UIScrollView - detecting scrolling vs orientation change in layoutSubviews?

Question - In the "layoutSubviews" callback of a custom UIScrollView how could one detect the different of scrolling (which may not require subview re-layout) with other events such as an orientation change (which does require re-layout)?

Background - I want to add/remove subviews programmatically as scrolling occurs but in this case the existing views on the scrollview don't need re-layout, so I don't want to go through all these calculations. However when an event such as orientation-change occurs I do want to recalc all positions. So my question is aimed at finding the best approach to handle this. In this case I do not want to use UIContainerView by the way.

Answer Source
let priorLayoutSize =

func layoutSubviews() {

    let layoutSize = bounds.size
    if layoutSize != priorLayoutSize {
        priorLayoutSize = layoutSize
        // do full layout
    } else {
        // do incremental layout
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