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JSON Question

Parsing a JSON Map to object

I'm converting my response that is in JSON to a readable form. The response is a Map.i.e it has a key and value.


I want to iterate and get all the values of key and value and set them to other var.I am getting keys from a for loop.
this is not working:

var convertedData=data.mapIWantToConvert.key[i];

what am i doing wrong. thank you

output is a again a json file but a different one .


Answer Source

If you want to get the values from the convert the mapIWantToConvert key in the response you can do it like so.

var data = {
  "name": "name1",
  "mapIWantToConvert": {
    "key1": "value1",
    "key2": "value2",
    "key3": "value3",

var dataMap = data.mapIWantToConvert;

var values = Object.keys(dataMap).reduce(
  (valueArr, key) => [...valueArr, dataMap[key]], 


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