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Javascript Question

Javascript access public methods from inside other public methods (same Object)

I have the following JS-Object:

var obj = function(){
this.var1 = "var1";

this.getvar1 = function(){
return this.var1;
this.call1 = function(){

  • all methods have to be public

  • all properties have to be public as well


If i try to call a public method of the obj-Object from inside another public method of the obj-Object, the "this" keyword refers to the public method itself instead of the Object.

Is there a way to get around this?

Answer Source

You can assign this to a variable(self) and use that:

var obj = function(){
   var self = this;
   self.var1 = "var1";

   self.getvar1 = function(){
       return self.var1;
   self.call1 = function(){
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