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Detect if running from the command line in Laravel 5

I have a use case where we need to modify application flow if the application is being run from the command line via Artisan (migrations, seeds, route:list).

In Laravel 4 this could be done like this:


Is there an equivalent in Laravel 5?

Using the Environment (.env) variables isn't preferred in this case as these commands occasionally need to be run on production (pointing to production resources) and I'd prefer to avoid resorting to duplicate (.env.commandline) files.

Answer Source

You can use the PHP function php_sapi_name (, to found out if the script was launched from a command or not.

In your case, you should check something like

if (strpos(php_sapi_name(), 'cli') !== false) {
    // Run from command

You may have to check the doc to find the proper value to check in each case though. (It may differ sometimes, but basically there should always be a different output from a script launched through a command)

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