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Import BluetoothManager private framework in IOS

I need to import the BluetoothManager Private Framework on my IOS 7 . I need to build a test app that would scan / discover and list nearby Bluetooth devices . I referred to the following link mentioned in S.O iOS 6 - BluetoothManager framework - "NSObject" not found error , however I am unable to import the BluetoothManager.framework folder. In fact when I go to the link library with binary options in Xcode I do not see the BluetoothManager.framework listed at all . Is there something different I need to try for IOS7?

Answer Source

There is a Github tutorial for handling the BluetoothManager framework. But the steps are basically

  • Find the folder, e.g. by terminal
open /Applications/
  • Extract the archive and add the extracted folder Headers which includes BluetoothManager.h and BluetoothDevice.h in the directory above.
  • Restart Xcode Now you will find the BluetoothManager.framework in Targets → YourApp → Build Phases → Link Binary With Libraries: enter image description here
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