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C++ Question

Function call [table] not working

I have big problem.

The task is:

Write a function in C ++ that takes a array of ints

, array size
, and the number
. The function returns returns
if each of the numbers in the table
, at least k digits long, and
otherwise. Checking how many digits has the number should be included in the additional auxiliary functions that call from inside a basic function. You should also write the main function that reads the data, calls the base and outputs its result.

For calls (record [] is an array):
f ([123,4425,2224,222,55553], 5, 3)

The function should return true. Since each of the numbers 123,4425,2224,222,55553 at least three digital

Calls for:
f ([123,4425,2,222,5], 5, 2)

The function should return false

Because there are a number, for example 2 which is a digital one and is less than 1 k = 2

My code :

#include <iostream>

int ile_cyfr(int a)
int temp=0;
a = a/10;

} while(a>0);

return temp;

bool funkcja(int *tab, int n, int k)
bool stan = false;

for (int i=0; i<n; i++)
if (ile_cyfr(tab[i])<k)
stan = false;
if (stan == false)
return stan;
return 0;
stan = true;
return stan;

int main() {
using namespace std;

int n=0, k=0;

int *tab = new int[n];

cout << "Podaj ilosc liczb: " << endl;
cin >> n;

cout << "\nPodaj liczby: " << endl;

for (int i=0; i<n; i++) {
cin >> tab[i];

cout << "\nPodaj minimalna ilosc liczb: " << endl;
cin >> k;

cout << funkcja([444,856,671,321], n, k);

return 0;

The problem is that the line:

cout << funkcja([444,856,671,321], n, k);

Answer Source

For starters the function funkcja is invalid. It returns true in case when the first element of the array has the number of digits greater than or equal to k. As I have understood you have to check that all elements of the array satisfy the condition.

The function can be written the following way

bool funkcja( const int *tab, int n, int k )
    int i = 0;

    while ( i < n && !( ile_cyfr( tab[i] ) < k ) ) i++;

    return n != 0 && i = n;

As for this statement

cout << funkcja([444,856,671,321], n, k);

then it has an incorrect syntax.

You have to pass the variable tab as the first argument of the function call. These values 444,856,671,321 should be assigned to elements of the array pointed to by the pointer tab.

Thus write

cout << funkcja( tab, n, k );
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