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How do I update an existing document inside ElasticSearch index using NEST?

I am trying to update an existing indexed document.
I have indexed tags, title and owners field. Now when the user changes the title, I need to find and update the document inside the index.

Should I update and replace the entire document or just the title field?

public void UpdateDoc(ElasticsearchDocument doc)
Uri localhost = new Uri("http://localhost:9200");
var setting = new ConnectionSettings(localhost);
var client = new ElasticClient(setting);

IUpdateResponse resp = client.Update<ElasticsearchDocument, IndexedDocument>(
d => d.Index("movies")
.Id(doc.Id), doc);

It just doesn't work. The code above generates a syntax error.
Does anyone know the correct way to do this using the C# NEST client of ElasticSearch?

Answer Source

I have successfully updated existing items in my Elasticsearch index with NEST using a method like the following. Note in this example, you only need to send a partial document with the fields that you wish to be updated.

    // Create partial document with a dynamic
    dynamic updateDoc = new System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject();
    updateDoc.Title = "My new title";

    var response = client.Update<ElasticsearchDocument, object>(u => u

You can find more examples of ways to send updates in the NEST Update Unit Tests from the GitHub Source.

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