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Placing Inner Join Linq Query Into View Model


public IEnumerable<Telephone_Search.Models.tbl_users> users;
public IEnumerable<Telephone__Search.Models.tbl_pics> images;
public IEnumerable<Telephone__Search.Models.tbl_locations> branches;


public ActionResult Index()
var users = from a in db.tbl_users
where a.userid == 6
select a;

var branchjoin = (from e in db.users
join c in db.tbl_locations on e.address equals c.location
where e.userid == 6 && e.emp_address == c.location
select c).ToArray();

return this.View(new ViewModel
branches = branchjoin // Error here
users = users,

How do I out
into razor view within MVC ? The most common error I get is can't do conversion from IQuerable to Systems.Generic.Collection. The error is stated within the code.

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Replace .ToArray(), with .ToList().AsQueryable(), does this do the trick?