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C# Question

Are static members of generic classes shared between types

I'm trying to create a generic class which will have some static functions based on the type. Are there static members for each type? Or only where there is a generic used? The reason I ask is I want a lock object for each type, not one shared between them.

So if I had

class MyClass<T> where T:class
static object LockObj = new object();
static List<T> ObjList = new List<T>();

I understand that ObjList would definitely have a different object created for each generic type used, but would the LockObj be different between each generic instantiation (
) or the same?

Answer Source

Just check for yourself!

public class Static<T>
    public static int Number { get; set; }

static void Main(string[] args)
    Static<int>.Number = 1;
    Static<double>.Number = 2;
    Console.WriteLine(Static<int>.Number + "," + Static<double>.Number);
// Prints 1, 2
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