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How to specify multiple values in list key attribute of select tag in struts2

Select tag in jsp is containing list of Plan objects

Here is a Plan class

public class Plan {

private String packageId;
private String packageName;
private String price;

public String getPackageId() {
return packageId;
public void setPackageId(String packageId) {
this.packageId = packageId;
public String getPackageName() {
return packageName;
public void setPackageName(String packageName) {
this.packageName = packageName;

public String getPrice() {
return price;
public void setPrice(String price) {
this.price = price;

<s:select theme="simple" list="%{#request.packageList}" listKey="packageId"
listValue="packageName" headerKey="0" headerValue="--Select--"
name="packageID" class="dropdowm" id="packageID" />

Now i want
listkey to have multiple values separated by comma like(packageId,price)

How can i achieve this ?

Answer Source

Simply specify it in the key attribute:

<s:select theme = "simple" 
           list = "%{#request.packageList}" 
        listKey = "packageId + ',' + price" 
      listValue = "packageName" 
      headerKey = "0" 
    headerValue = "--Select--"
           name = "myNewCustomKey" 
       cssClass = "dropdowm" 
             id = "packageID" />

And (if you are not using a recent version) use cssClass instead of class in Struts Tags.

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