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Outsourcing bash shell script functions

I have a very big shell script written in bash and want to outsource some functions to an extra file, because I have the same functions in some other scripts.

So I could outsource them, fix / improve them once and reuse it in multiple main scripts.

Can I just "copy and paste" these functions from the current big script to single smaller ones and include them later in the big script using


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Yes absolutely. I work on big shell script automation framework and it based on this same idea. Here is one basic example : :

function echoBold(){
echo "******************************************"
echo "$1"
echo "******************************************"
} :

echoBold "This is a bold message"

Just you have to make the script as generic as possible and make it read the properties from some property file so that you can customize the generic function for specific parameter you pass. e.g.

test2_host=hostname2 :
function printHost(){
  hostname=`grep ${1}_host | cut -d'=' -f2`
  echo $hostname 
} :
printHost test1
printHost test2
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