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How Do You Obtain the "Purchase Date" or "Date Added" from MPMediaItems in iPod Library

As users download new songs into their iPod Music library from the iTunes Store, I would like to programmatically list those songs in a table view. Is it possible to obtain the "Date Added" or "Purchase Date" from the MPMediaItemCollection? I see there are property keys such as play count and last played date. I know the data exists because it can be viewed in iTunes, but I am not finding it. Any suggestions on where to find this or how to derive it?

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As you can see in Apple Documentation for MPMediaItem, you access all the properties through enumerateValuesForProperties:usingBlock: or valueForProperty:, but there isn't a property for Date Added or Purchased Date informations.

This doesn't mean that the data isn't stored somewhere (surely it is): this just means that you cannot access that information through public APIs, maybe for privacy issues.

I don't know anyway if there is a way to obtain this information through some private API calls, but if it exists you can't use it for AppStore apps because it will cause you a rejection during review process.

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