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Possible to bring the app from background to foreground?

When running an XCT UI test it is possible to put the application under test in the background with:


It it possible in some way to bring the app back to foreground (active state) without relaunching the application?

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Yes, it is. But, you'll need XCUIElement's private headers (which are available via header dump from Facebook here). In order to foreground the app, you need to call resolve which I believe resolves the element's query (which for applications means foregrounding the app).

For Swift, you'll have to import the XCUIElement.h into your bridging header. For Objective-C you'll just need to import XCUIElement.h.

With the app backgrounded:




[[XCUIApplication new] resolve];

If this is the only functionality you need, you could just write a quick ObjC category.

@interface XCUIElement (Tests) {
    - (void) resolve;

If you need to launch / resolve another app. Facebook has an example of that here by going through the Springboard.

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