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vscode debug ES6 application

I have VSCode 0.5.0. I set the compilerOptions flag to "ES6" and the editor started recognizing my ES6 code as correct.
I have babel installed.
My Mocha tests use the babel compilers and my tests pass.
My app runs from the command line with no problems when I launch it with babel-node .
When I debug the app from within VSCode, it starts up without the ES6 support, and the app fails for ES6 syntax issues.
Are there debug settings that I missed turning on?

Answer Source

By default VSCode launches node just with a --debug-brk option. This is not enough to enable ES6 support. If you can find out what options 'babel-node' passes to node, you could specify the same options in the VSCode launch config (through the runtimeArgs attribute). But this does not solve the issue that babel-node transpiles your ES6 code before running it.

Alternatively you could try to set the 'runtimeExecutable' in your launch config to 'babel-node'. This approach works with other node wrappers, but I haven't verified that is works with babel-node.

A third option (which should work) is to use the attach mode of VSCode: for this launch babel-node from the command line with the '--debug' option. It should print a port number. Then create an 'attach' launch config in VSCode with that port.

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