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C++ Question

smart pointer and QThread issue

At some point in my code I have:

QThread* thread = new QThread;
Beacon *beacon = new Beacon(beg, end);

And the other day I was reading about this thing called smart pointer. If I understand, it might fit in the peace of code above, I tried:

std::unique_ptr<QThread> thread {new QThread};
std::unique_ptr<Beacon> beacon {new Beacon(beg, end)};

This, led to:

error: no viable conversion from 'std::unique_ptr<QThread>' to 'QThread *'

What's wrong?

Answer Source

You need to pass a raw pointer (Qthread *) to moveToThread... you have to use either unique_ptr::release (thread.release()) or unique_ptr::get (thread.get()) to get the raw pointer, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

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