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AngularJS Question

Angular filter not showing objects with null properties

I have an array of operators like this:


And I want to display them using an

<div ng-repeat="operator in operators | filter:{ operative_status : {name_status: status}}">

As you can see, I want to filter by status.

The problem is that it doesn't show the operators that have the operative_status with null.

Answer Source

For your data, using a pattern object as the filter expression won't work because the items that have a value of null for the operative_status property will never be matched, which is what you're observing.

You could use a predicate function instead for the filter expression.

For example:

$scope.filterByStatus = function (value) { if ($scope.status.length === 0) return true; return value.operative_status && value.operative_status.name_status === $scope.status; };

And then using it in your filter expression:

operator in operators | filter:filterByStatus

Demonstration Plunker

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