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Javascript Question

bind click event to the element in ng-repeat angular

I have menu and use

for loop to the my category and in this loop i have a link tag and I want to when clicked on this link do something in js file.
But I can't access to the tag a in javascript and add click event to this element.

Here is my ng-repeat code:

<li class="has-children" ng-repeat="category in categories |filter:{ level: 1 } : true" ng-if="$index < 5">
<a class="parent-link">{{category.categoryName}}</a>
<ul class="is-hidden">
<li class="go-back"><a>{{category.categoryName}}</a></li>
<li ng-repeat="submenu in categories |filter:{ parentID: category.categoryID } : true"><a>{{submenu.categoryName}}</a></li>

Here is my js file (this code doesn't fire):

$(".parent-link").on("click", function(e) {

Answer Source

Use ng-click. It can be used as attribute of element. Example usage:


<div ng-click="changeWord()">


$scope.changeWord = function () {
    $scope.word = 'I am changed';


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