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How can i compare two dates (NSDate) in Swift 3 and get the days between them?

How can I compare two dates in Swift 3?
I found many solutions for other Swift versions, but they doesn't work for me.

let clickedDay:String = currentcell.DayLabel.text!
let currentDate = NSDate()
let currentDay = "" //want the current day
let dateFormatter = DateFormatter()
var dateAsString = ""
if Int(clickedDay)! < 10 {
dateAsString = "0" + clickedDay + "-11-2016 GMT"
else {
dateAsString = clickedDay + "-11-2016 GMT"

dateFormatter.dateFormat = "dd-MM-yyyy zzz"
let clickedDate = dateAsString)
if currentDate as Date >= clickedDate! as Date {

return true
else {
//Want to get the days between the currentDate and clickedDate
let daysLeft = ""

I compare the tow dates, but i want the days which are between that tow dates.
Can someone help me pls?
Thanks and greets

If I have the date 22.11.2016 and the currentdate (now 18.11.2016) i want the days between that (in this case 4)

Answer Source

Simply make extension of Date like this and get difference in days.

extension Date {
    func daysBetweenDate(toDate: Date) -> Int {
        let components = Calendar.current.dateComponents([.day], from: self, to: toDate)
        return ?? 0

Now use this extension like this

let numOfDays = fromDate.daysBetweenDate(toDate: toDate)

You can use DateFormatter to convert String to Date like this.

let dateFormatter = DateFormatter()
dateFormatter.dateFormat = "dd-MM-yyyy"
dateFormatter.timeZone = TimeZone(abbreviation: "GMT")
let date = "18-11-2016")
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