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How subtract days from date in bash shell on Solaris 11?

I've been trying subtrac some days

from a date
with format
, but nothing has worked on Solaris 11. Some solution is a 'trick' with the timezone, but it depends on the timezone and I think that is exactly that, a trick.

I would like a cheaper solution, because the only thing I can think is to convert the date to julian representation and then subtract one day and again obtain yyyy-MM-dd representation, for example:

julian=$(toJulian $date)
resultJulian=$(subtractDays $julian $days)
resultGregorian=toGregorian $resultJulian

So, how can I do it without all this proccess? Thanks.

Answer Source

If you don't have GNU date or GNU awk, consider perl:

subtractDays() {
  local date numDays

  date=$date days=$numDays perl -e '
    use Env qw(date days);
    use Time::Piece;
    use Time::Seconds;

    my $start_time = Time::Piece->strptime($date, "%Y-%m-%d");
    my $end_time = $start_time - (ONE_DAY * $days);
    print $end_time->ymd . "\n";'


subtractDays 2000-12-31 1


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