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C# Question

CurrentApp.LicenseInformation only lets me access it once

I'm having a issue when calling

where the first call gets thru but if i close the app and open again the next call locks the app and it closes. But if i wait 5-10min and open it once more i can once again access it, once.

This is the method that i have at the moment when making the call:

public bool HasPurchasedPlus()
var licenseInformation = CurrentApp.LicenseInformation;

var iap1 = licenseInformation.ProductLicenses["Package1"].IsActive;
var iap2 = licenseInformation.ProductLicenses["Package2"].IsActive;

return iap1 || iap2;

Any help would be appreciated to solve this issue.

Answer Source

After a System update the issue has since then disappeared. I can't definitely say it was a OS issue but at the moment it looks like it was due to a issue in reading data from the system since it also affected reading files.

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