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Nodejs Code Reusing Best Practices

I am new to nodejs. I can't get my mind over organizing module code reusing in Nodejs. For example :

Let's say I have 3 files, which corresponds to 3 library files I wish to load. Then, I have 5 files which requires the 3 libraries.

Will I have to repeat typing the following in the 5 files?


Is there any way for me to automatically include these 3 lines of code (which is potentially more than just 3) in the 5 files?

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Generally yes you end up with this kind of repetition, but the explicit dependencies are really helpful next year when you go to refactor your app. However, You can very easily wrap all 3 libraries into a monolithic module if you prefer:

exports.lib1 = require('./library-1');
exports.lib2 = require('./library-2');
exports.lib3 = require('./library-3');

Then just load that with var monolith = require('./monolith');

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