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Javascript Question

How to handle JavaScript events (e.g. 'link_to :remote') the Rails Way?

I am using Ruby on Rails 4 and I would like to handle JavaScript events the Rails way. That is, for example, given I have the following

link_to('destroy', article_path(@article), :method => :delete, :remote => true)

when I click on the above generated link then I would like the
JS event to update the page content by removing the deleted article DOM element. The AJAX response, whatever it is, should be ignored.

I am aware of the existence of the rails.js file but I don't how to use it in order to accomplish what I am looking for.

Answer Source

There is a wiki page with explanation of ujs custom events. Here is a little example in your case:

$('a').on 'ajax:success', -> alert 1

UPD If you want to prevent XHR response being evaluated, add data-type=text attribute to your remote link:

link_to('destroy', article_path(@article), :method => :delete, :remote => true, 'data-type' => 'text')
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