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Scala Question

Why does custom Estimator end up overriding Nothing type?

I am implementing a custom estimator which has troubles accessing a parameter

ava.util.NoSuchElementException: Failed to find a default value for isInList
. It is defined as follows:

trait PreprocessingParams extends Params {
final val isInList = new Param[Array[String]](this, "isInList", "list of isInList items")

To better debug the problem I created a minimal example here the
works just fine. However, I would rather like to include the functionality of the transformer into an estimator which performs some data cleaning as well.

But now I face strange compile issues
overriding method has wrong type - expecting Nothing

What is wrong with the return types of my

Answer Source

You didn't specify the generic types of Estimator type constructor and so Nothing has been used instead.


class ExampleEstimator(override val uid: String) 
  extends Estimator[ExampleTransModel] with PreprocessingParams {

The full definition of Estimator is as follows:

abstract class Estimator[M <: Model[M]] extends PipelineStage

Note the generic type M that extends Model.

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