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Swift Question

How to use observeValueForKeyPath for several NSProgress?

I have implemented file sending functionality for connected peers from loop using multiplier connectivity. That code as follows.

for connectedPeer in self.connectedPeers {
let sendingProgress = self.session.sendResourceAtURL(newPhotoUrl!, withName: "Image1", toPeer: connectedPeer, withCompletionHandler: { (error) in
if error != nil {
print("sending failed \(error!.localizedDescription) - \(connectedPeer.displayName)")
sendingProgress.addObserver(self, forKeyPath: "fractionCompleted", options: .New, context: nil)

It’s sending properly. I want to show each peer's sending progress on sender device. I can get progress from observeValueForKeyPath method. But how can I identify each sending progress individually from observeValueForKeyPath method.


You can use the parameter context for identifying the progress. Instead of nil you should give the url or the connected peer.