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Angular 1.5 component method templateUrl + function

I'm trying to get an app working with angular 1.5.0-beta.2

To make a 'directive' I have the following code:

myApp.component('gridshow', {
bindings: {
slides: '='
controller: function() {

controllerAs: 'grid',
template: function ($element, $attrs) {
// access to $element and $attrs
return [
'<div class="slidegrid">',
'<div ng-repeat="slide in grid.slides">',

I like the idea of the template that returns a function with access to
but how do I combine this with a templateUrl?

Answer Source

In 1.5.0-beta.2 $element and $attrs are injected into both template and templateUrl functions in component.

This means that

  templateUrl: function ($element, $attrs) {
    // access to $element and $attrs
    return $attrs.uninterpolatedTemplateUrl;

can be done instead.