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Pandas analogue of JOIN with WHERE clause

I'm doing joining of two dataframe (A and B) in python's pandas.

The goal is to receive all the pure rows from B (sql analogue- right join B on A.client_id=B.client_id where A.client_id is null)

In pandas all I know for this operation is to do merging but I don't know how to set up the conditions (where clause):



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option 1

A.merge(B, on='client_id', how='right', indicator=True) \
    .query('_merge == "right_only"').drop('_merge', 1)


A = pd.DataFrame(dict(client_id=[1, 2, 3], valueA=[4, 5, 6]))
B = pd.DataFrame(dict(client_id=[3, 4, 5], valueB=[7, 8, 9]))


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more explanation
indicator=True puts another column in the results of the merge that indicates whether that rows results are from the left, right, or both.

A.merge(B, on='client_id', how='outer', indicator=True)

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So, I just use query to filter out the right_only indicator then drop that column.

option 2
not really a merge. You can use query again to only pull rows of B where its 'client_id's are not in A

B.query('client_id not in @A.client_id')

or an equivalent way of saying the same thing (but faster)


enter image description here

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