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Publish Jenkins Job build status to Gitlab commit with Jenkins Pipeline job

I have integrated my Gitlab CE version 9.3.5 with jenkins version 2.60.1 .

I am able to trigger builds with Gitlab webhook and publish the result back to the commit with a jenkins freestyle job.

I was wondering how can i achieve the same with jenkins pipeline job as every article on the above integration works with jenkins freestyle job.

Answer Source

If I follow the documentation about the Gitlab Jenkins plugin, you should be able to use the gitlabCommitStatus method which will publish the status of the build steps declared after (here is an example from the doc) :

node() {
    stage 'Checkout'
    checkout <your-scm-config>

    gitlabCommitStatus {
       <script that builds, tests, etc. your project>

If this is not enough, you also have the possibility to use updateGitlabCommitStatus name: 'build', state: 'pending' to control more precisely which state you're sending to the gitlab instance.

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